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Personal injury is a highly specialized and complicated area of the law. Usually, insurance companies are involved because the other party, either an individual or business, has insurance. That means there is typically a large insurance company and their attorneys working to avoid paying compensation.

If you have been harmed physically or emotionally, whether intentionally or due to negligence of another party, the law allows you to seek compensation. This compensation can include money for medical expenses, lost wages, scarring or disfigurement, and pain and suffering. If a loved one has been seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of another, you can seek compensation for what is known as loss of consortium and/or wrongful death.



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Personal Injury

Accidents happen, but a serious personal injury can change your life. At Personal injury esquire, our goal is simple: to provide the legal guidance our clients need and deserve. As personal injury lawyers in New York, we can help you pursue money for your accident,

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Labor Law

Labor law sets the rights and duties for employees, labor unions, and employers in the United States. Labor law's basic aim is to remedy the ``inequality of bargaining power`` between employees and employers, especially employers.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice exists in cases where a patient sustains some level of damages from a medical professional during his or her official medical duties. Damages are a legal term, but ultimately, include a number of harms that the patient sustains as the result of medical treatment,

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